This is an intermediate piece of finger style guitar, based on open chords (minor and major) with 3 finger picking patterns. You may want to figure this out from the video and audio, but a full transcribed version can be purchased here.

Learning and Practising
A possible way to approach this is to think of the two elements of chords and fingerpicking, and focus on each one of them separately.

Chords: each bar contains 1 or more chord, play these on there own to get used to the progression. You can start with strumming each one on the beat.

Finger-picking: There are 3 distinct picking patterns.

Bar 1 to 4: this is a typical classical finger-picking pattern moving up and back down the strings using the thumb, index, middle and ring finger.

From bar 5 the melody starts, the first chord is played using thumb, index and middle plucked together the melody is them picked out using individual fingers.

From bar 13 there is a chord picked then single note variation, chord piked with thumb, index and middle together, the single note typically being played by the ring finger.

Happy practising!

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